Is Abortion Sin? Many will say....

1-what if I was raped.

2-what if I don’t have the money to take care of the baby.

3-I have not finished my schooling yet.

all reasons put to the side as a Christian what does the Bible say. Psalm 139:14 tells you and I that God has part in making every baby fearfully and wonderfully.

Psalm 139:15 God knows the very day of our conception.

Psalm 139:16 shows us All of our members were wrote in a book before we even had members.

Psalm 139:17-18 Proclaims that Gods thoughts are more than “the sand” not the sand of one sea, not the sand of all seas, but sand anywhere and everywhere. He has thought of you and I so many time since our Conception That we could not begin to count.

All this being said......

In 2019 42 Million Babies Were murdered under the words Abortion, and women’s Choice. in conclusion ”thou shalt not kill”

is still a command and to go against Gods word is sin!

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