TRUSTWORTHY - able to be relied on as honest or truthful.

Our great God is TRUSTWORTHY. If you have been saved. Then you realize you can trust Him with your eternal soul. My Question to you is do you trust that same TRUSTWORTHY God to take care of your everyday life and what may come your way. If you have been saved then you have Trusted Jesus to Keep you from going to Hell according to Romans 8:1. If you have been saved you have also Trusted Christ to forgive you of your sins and that they are gone according to 1 John 1:7. Born again believers also Trust that there is a Heavenly Home waiting on us according to John 14:1. SO........ If We can Trust this TRUSTWORTHY God to do all this what is my car trouble, family trouble, financial trouble, or even marital trouble to HIM. No problem is to big that He cannot solve and no problem is to small that He does not care.

In Heavenly Places,

Pastor John Pittman

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